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Master Brad Bezoni - Chief Instructor

Master Brad Bezoni - Chief Instructor photo Master Brad Bezoni - Chief Instructor
  • Fifth Degree Black Belt

For nearly 30 years Master Brad Bezoni has studied and taught martial arts. He holds a Fifth Dan in Tae Kwon Do, a Second Dan in Tang Soo Do, and a Blue Belt in Kuk Sool Won. He is a frequent participant at the annual International Martial Arts Council of America National Training Camp and US Martial Arts Hall of Fame, where he was inducted as Tae Kwon Do Master of the Year in 2018 and again as Black Belt of the Year in 2020. In 2019 he was named Black Belt of the Year by the Tang Soo Do Karate Association, as well as being presented the Letter of Appreciation by the founder of the US Tang Soo Do Alliance. He has also been selected for inclusion in the Book of Masters being published by the United States National Grand Masters Federation.

Master Bezoni loves nothing more than teaching and being active in the martial arts. From his own school in Spring, TX to member schools of the TKA and non-affiliated schools, he actively teaches traditional martial arts techniques, weapons and sparring to all eager students. He is also active in the community, raising nearly $1,000 along with his students for Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer research and teaching as part of the Moriah Davis School of the Arts - a non-profit school dedicated to providing children and adults access to dance, Tae Kwon Do and art classes. He still actively competes in tournament circuits as well, consistently placing in black belt divisions.

Master Bezoni has also studied Hapkido, kickboxing, ground fighting, pressure point control tactics, and spontaneous knife defense. He routinely holds children’s and women’s self defense classes and seminars to help promote awareness and preparedness. In 2000 and 2001, he was ranked in the ATA World Top Ten in Forms and Sparring, as well as being the 2001 ATA Texas State Champion in Forms. He has been teaching since 1993 and is committed to taking what he has learned and passing it on to his students, so they in turn can teach others.

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